My Fine Art Print Services

I offer custom fine art print services. I run a fully color-managed workflow, I calibrate my monitor every two weeks and maintain proper lighting conditions in my workspace. I print only with genuine Epson ink.
My goal here is to allow photographers to be able to have access to the entire library of fine art papers on the market today without having to front the investment in printer, ink, and time.

Of course, what I am looking to get out of it, is to build up my paper stocks, offset the cost of ink, make a little money, and just enjoy creating beautiful prints.

I’m still working out a price list for straight cash purchases, but I am offering now, and will always offer the following “trade” type deal:

The Process

– You buy a pack of paper/canvas that you want photos printed on, any size that I can handle with my Epson 3880. I have a professional cutter, so I can produce panoramic images up to 16×36 from 17″ rolls, and even take 24″ rolls or 24×36 sheets, and I can make 16×24 or 12×36 cut sheets from those. If in doubt, just ask me and I will tell you whether I can do it or not.

**Note for canvas, the max I can print is 16.5″ width, up to 36.5″ long. This is print size. The finished size when you wrap it will be 2-5 inches shorter on each dimension dependent upon what thickness of stretcher bars you use, and those outer portions of the image will not be displayed on the front.** 

-Mail me that whole package of paper and a disc containing 16bit TIFF files of the images you want printed, and either mail or paypal me $40 plus enough to cover return shipping.

**The flat $40 fee is for up to packs of 25 sheets of up to 17×22, or a 50′ roll of 17″wide, or a 40′ roll of 24″ wide. More paper than that and I’ll have to check the actual ink costs for that many prints, to make sure the ink cost gets covered.**

-I will use approximately 75% of the paper that you bought to print you all the images you want printed. Standard packages of 25 sheets that means 18 sheets of prints to you and I keep 7 sheets of paper. I’ll give you an exact quote for any different package sizes or roll lengths. After all the prints are done, I will promptly ship your prints back to you.

Why use this service??

I’m familiar with many of the most popular fine art papers on the market today, and if you send me a paper I’ve never used, I will use sheets out my 25% that I would keep to make proofs to ensure you get the best product possible.

As with any printing service, due to variations in monitors and viewing conditions, I cannot guarantee a perfect 100% match with the files you send me, especially if your files contain significantly out-of-gamut colors or very intense contrast. I will however strive to ensure the best-possible adherence to your files. If your images do fall into the category of those extreme colors or contrasts, I will produce a set of my best interpretations of that image on my portion of the paper, and send it to you so that you can select the one which bests represents your artistic intent.

I will review your images online, or even soft proof them on my monitor for you prior to making any purchase so I can alert you to any possible gamut or dynamic range issues before you make any decision on what paper you want.

I keep a list of papers I have tried and what I thought about them, if you would like to reference it.…paper-reviews/

The overall idea is that you can save money and gain greater control in the paper used for your fine art prints by getting a bulk order all on the same paper. I get to increase my paper stocks for my personal prints and maintain enough cash flow to keep supplied with ink.

To highlight the pricing advantage: One of the Pro-Labs I am signed up with charges for following for their fine art paper, just one print only with no mounting of any type:

8×10: $30
16×20: $40

And for canvas (in finished sizes),
8×10: $50
11×14: $50

If you were to buy a 25 pack of a fine art paper, lets say Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta or Museum Etching, in 8.5×11, you would pay about $45 for the paper, $40 cash, and maybe $25 in shipping. You would get 18 prints from that deal.

So, $110 of cost would get you 18 8×10 prints. That comes out to $6.11 per print, instead of $30.

Lets say you wanted canvas. An 11×14 (finished size, that means about a 16×20 initial print) canvas from my lab is $50. If you bought a 39′, 24″ roll of Hahnemuhle Daguerre Canvas for $135, $40 cash, and maybe $35 for shipping, that comes to $210. You would get 21, 11×14 prints.

So, $210 of cost would get you 21, 11×14 (finished size) canvases. That comes to $10 per print, instead of the labs $50.

It is a great deal for you, if you are okay with getting that many prints on the same paper, in the same size. I will gladly print multiple images on one sheet if you want as well for no additional charge, the prices are all paper and ink based, not image based.

Please contact me before any orders, as my schedule in unpredictable, I’m am away from home frequently, and I want to make sure that I can produce your order in a timely manner.

Thanks for looking!!

One thought on “My Fine Art Print Services

  1. Nathan –
    I would like to send you a range of 5 metallic paper to try out from Simply Elegant line by IT Supplies. Any interest? e-mail with details…

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